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Another Baby born in Hauna

by Trisher Mpatsi

Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Associations (ZCIEA) Mutare territory welcomes Hauna a new baby under its leadership. On the 21st of September 2021 ZCIEA Mutare territory leadership managed to organize and recruit new members in Hauna Chapter in Manicaland Province. This is after the informal economy workers and traders in Hauna had seen how ZCIEA is diligent and passionate about improving the lives of the informal economy workers.

The informal economy workers in Hauna Chapter had come to know that ZCIEA is a result-oriented organization and they are happy to be part of the organised network. Hauna’s Chapter mainly comprises vendors who sell vegetables and clothes and have a potential to be a territory soon. The new Hauna Chapter informal workers poured their hearts out on the continual harassment from police, marketplaces, and outdated by-laws. ZCIEA gladly welcomes Hauna members and is looking forward to transforming the lives of the informal workers in Mutare.

The organisation has recently intensified its recruitment drive on informal workers and traders and advocacy engagement with authorities in order to improve the living and working conditions of informal workers and traders in Zimbabwe. This is in line with the vision of ZCIEA which is decent standards of living for all Zimbabweans in a stable economy. This is key to be supported as we much towards National Development Strategy (NDS 1)

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