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Chipinge District Development Coordinator’s Office now recognizes ZCIEA operations in Chipinge

by Fungai Munetsi

On the 20th of September 2021, ZCIEA Chipinge Territory officially engaged with the government offices in Chipinge to formalize operations of the organization in Chipinge.  The organization appreciates the Office of the District Development Coordinator for officially granting ZCIEA permission to operate in Chipinge. It is also good to note the Office of the District Development Coordinator requested all relevant stakeholders to engage as well as work with ZCIEA for the betterment of informal economy workers and traders’ livelihoods in Chipinge District.

Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Associations (ZCIEA)’s advocacy with stakeholders and policymakers is bearing fruits as the office of the District Development Coordinator Chipinge under the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works recognize the operations of ZCIEA in Chipinge.

ZCIEA as a membership-driven organization with 46 territories through Zimbabwe has intensified its efforts in engaging policymakers and relevant stakeholders on regularizing the operations of informal workers and traders through formalization and having a Memorandum of Understanding with local authorities. The main aim of ZCIEA is to provide advocacy, education, and empowerment of informal workers and traders while at the same time mainstreaming issues to do with women, youth, and People With Disabilities (PWD). The organization is result-oriented and as such it has empowered its Territorial leadership and members with negotiation skills to effectively engage with all relevant policymakers and stakeholders in their respective territories.

The operational environment for Informal Economy workers and traders is not conducive for the growth of their businesses due to running battles with authorities. This scenario has pushed the organization through its territorial structures to engage the government, policymakers, and relevant stakeholders to come with a solution to the challenges informal workers and traders face daily.  


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