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Chivhu Youth Chair in Life-Changing trade

by Constance Chitombo

ZCIEA Chivhu Territorial Youth chairperson Tatenda Mangwiro joined ZCIEA in 2011. he was elected as Chivhu Territorial Youth Chair in 2015 and he will serve up to 2020. Currently, he is into poultry, Art, and Designing, making charts for preschools. He also runs a small shop that sells a diversified range of consumer goods which include clothing, kitchenware, electrical equipment, phone accessories, building toolsets and providing a unique range of goods that adds consumer value and affordable to the people of Chivhu town.

Tatenda acquired a lot of skills from the training he received from ZCIEA which include marketing skills, entrepreneurial skills, leadership training skills, informal economy workers’ rights. Through the leadership skills he acquired, Mangwiro is now able to coordinate meetings between ZCIEA and local authorities and stakeholders addressing local leaders in the whole district with thirty wards.

Mangwiro feels honored to be a member of such an organization that gives you medical support, revolving funds to boost member’s businesses. For him being a member of ZCIEA it’s a dream come true because everything that ZCIEA does increase cooperation and a
sense of pride among members.

Mangwiro advised the youth to start working and stop complaining because complaining and folding hands won’t solve the economic crisis. Unemployment has become one of the most pervasive challenges found by youth in Zimbabwe due-to socio-economic and political collapse that characterized the past years ago. Unconfirmed rate of the overall unemployment is over 95% and in this case, young people have responded by just complaining about the collapsing economy.

“Youth should stop folding hands and complaining about the economy, they should seek guidance and mentorship. ZCIEA has such characters that can help the youth to be successful. Having goals can often help you get motivated, success usually comes to those who are busy looking for it.”

“ Starting up entrepreneurial businesses in various sectors, especially the major ones that underpin the economy such as agriculture, mining, and manufacturing as well as other sectors such as information technology cultural industries and services”, said Mangwiro.


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