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Mashava skills negotiation training

Collective Negotiations Skills Training in Chegutu, Mashava and Zvishavane Territories

ZCIEA Secretary General conducted skills negotiation trainings from 27 to 29 March 2019 in Chegutu, Zvishavane, and Mashava.

The training aimed to capacitate the local leaders and members to be able to lobby and advocate with local authorities, government arms and other key spaces at their local level. The trained members became equipped to address issues that affect them in a productive way.

A total of 100 Participants (71 females, 29 males) were trained on skills of a good negotiation, negotiation procedures, and ways of overcoming obstacles to collective negotiations, Strategies and tactics of negotiation and documentation follow up on issues.

Chegutu and Zvishavane were privileged to have Councillors in the training who are also ZCIEA active members. Their   presence will also play a key role in achieving 2019 goal of having at least  forty two (42) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with forty (42)local authorities in Zimbabwe by the end of this year.

Memorandum of Understanding is the agreement between ZCIEA and all local Authorities in Zimbabwe to improve the lives and working conditions of the informal workers at local authority level. These includes infrastructure development, working space, reduction of local authority arrests, provision of low income housing projects and more.

Members commented that the training was relevant, and he was also going to apply the skills in the advocacy work, businesses and their personal life.

“We are pushing an agenda of having a PWD member representing ZCIEA in the city council committee, we have met with Zvishavane Town Secretary who then was the acting District Administrator (DA) and we are yet to receive a feedback from him” said Mr. Malunga.

“The training was relevant to our work as informal traders, we were equipped with negotiation tools and be able to negotiate successfully with our local authorities applying all the skills without fear”, said Mr. Sigauke.



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