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Get up and fight for yourself

by Constance Chitombo

Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Associations (ZCIEA) Chipinge Territorial Acting President Dennis Maluwa who is also a youth member joined ZCIEA 5 years ago and has been an active member since then. He benefited from ZCIEA in many ways through training which helped him to be a strong young man who can work on his own and become influential in the community where comes from.

Dennis Maluwa is proud and feels honored to be a member of ZCIEA. He is also a beneficiary of the ZCIEA revolving fund program, collective negotiation skills training, improve your business training (IYB), voter education, and constitutional rights awareness program, etc. “ZCIEA has helped me in many ways such as social networking, being influential, right awareness programs, entrepreneurship skills, I.T, voters rights awareness,
to mention but a few”, said Mr. Maluwa.

Dennis Maluwa has a vibrant project called “Passion Arts”. He does photography, video production and he also a producer. He started his business in 2017 and has produced more than 10 music videos which are trending in Chipinge and countless wedding videos. Passion Arts Company is still growing and it’s indeed helping him to earn a living.

With the help from ZCIEA, Dennis Maluwa attended the Youth Connekt Start-up Tour Bus program for entrepreneurs and innovators between the ages of 18 – 35 at Mutare teachers college from the 18 to 19 July 2019. The program was aimed at training young entrepreneurs on how to pitch a business. “We were also trained on how to be innovative and creative as a youth to target major business propositions which can benefit the community at large and which are convincing enough to be supported, said Mr. Maluwa”. I want to thank the national office for allowing this chance.

Mr. Maluwa encouraged all the youth to work for themselves and stop complaining about the economy without doing anything about it. “I would like to challenge all the young people complaining and doing nothing, get up and fight for yourselves. Let’s stand up and prove ourselves worthy leaders of tomorrow. I believe in every seed there
is an opportunity to grow, we reap what we sow, sow seeds of potential, endurance and most importantly focus. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step”





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