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IFWEA Interviews ZCIEA – Zimbabwe

International Federation of Workers’ Education Associations (IFWEA) interviews Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Associations’ (ZCIEA) Secretary General Wisborn Malaya (WM) and National Chairperson of Women’s Structure Charity Mandishona

“How would you describe the political situation for workers in Zimbabwe? WM: The political situation in our country of late has not been very favorable for workers on rights to protest, or rights to organise in the sense that wherever workers have gathered to fight for their rights, it has been taken as if it’s a counter against the government. So this has made the operational environment a bit tense where protests are no longer easily allowed by the government of the day. For the workers to protest it will be taken as if it is an anti-government approach, or a support to the opposition movement. So this is how the situation has been of late.

How do your education activities affect the awareness and choices of grassroots leaders? CM: The education programmes we’ve been doing in ZCIEA regarding to the rights of our members has had quite a significant impact on them, in that now they can negotiate on their own behalf or for their issues which are worrying them. They can also face councils, they can also do research at their workplaces.

What do participants enjoy or expect to get from participating in your education activities? CM: Most participants, when they come for the trainings they are expecting to be capacitated, also to know more about the laws, about the topic which will be taught at that particular time. And also to be more informed because most of them, they don’t have TV but when they come now for a workshop or training, that’s where they get more information.

WM: Our members, they’ve enjoyed the participatory approach which we offer in our educational programmes. Whereby normally we give examples which are practical, which speaks to their day to day life. Because there are, mainly if you see the basic education we are offering, its education which is speaking to them, issues they are facing day to day. So that has really enabled our educational programmes to be more productive for them, where some even benefit and start to participate even in their local authorities meetings and give information because they have been educated members.”

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