International Street Vendors Day

14 November 2017

International Street Vendors Day

Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Associations (ZCIEA) President – Press Statement on the International Street Vendors Day 14 November 2017

Today we mark the commemoration of International Vendors day with pain and a heavy heart following the harassments and victimisation of street traders and vendors in Zimbabwe. This is as a result of the Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s directive to restore order in the CBD of Harare by removing the termed illegal vendors from the streets.

It is a fact that the Zimbabwean economy is currently very bad and above 94% of the working population are informalised. This has resulted in as many people invading the streets to trade as that is the most possible remaining source of income generation in the country for the vulnerable and poor.

The hope and continued cause for the struggle is to diffuse the criminalisation, harassments, police brutality, victimisation and non-recognition of the value of street traders and vendors in Zimbabwe. A lot of families a currently earning their daily bread through street trading and vending. We therefore encourage all the street traders and vendors to come together and keep fighting the war affront us. We fight this struggle with the supporting pillar of our contribution to the country’s GDP, employment creation, peace, economic development, families stability, freedom and our rights to life as enshrined in the country’s constitution section 64.

We must build the muscle to fight and paralyse the capitalistic ideology by uplifting and upholding the socialistic ideology which prioritises peoples decent living ahead of individual profiteering and exploitation.

Comrades let us continue to Unite and upscale the struggle collectively for It is only together that we will be successful in this endeavour.

The Chamber that Delivers

Nothing for us without us

Touch one Touch all – Unity is Strength


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