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Minister acknowledges the important role played by the informal economy

by Trisher Mpatsi

The grey economy has been perceived negatively for the past years and has been acting as a shadow economy. ZCIEA has become the voice to the hopeless and underrated informal workers through its 5 pillars: organizing, educating, empowering, advocating, and representing.

The informal economy creates employment for the majority of hopeless citizens and contributes to the increase in the gross domestic product (GDP) in the country. The waste pickers in the grey economy coexist with the municipal waste systems to recycle waste, thus keeping our environment clean. The youths hustle in the informal sector thus marking the entry into the labor market for many youths.

ZCIEA raised 7 key thematic areas for a better Zimbabwe for all these areas include respect and recognition of the informal economy, development of business linkages between the formal and informal sectors, market access, social protection, and financial inclusion of the informal economy. This is to make the public realize that the informal sector is of great relevance to the economy. That is why we find out that most of the formal sectors benefit from the informal sector. ZCIEA also urged the Government, Business, and Labour to include the Informal Economy in the Tripartite Negotiating Forum(TNF) as an equal player to make TNF Plus.

Minister of Public  Services, Labour and Social Welfare, Honorable Paul Mavima during his official opening of the EMCOZ Business Indaba held on the 29th of April mentioned that the Ministry value the contributions of the informal economy towards country’s Gross Domestic Product and recommended that in the next TNF meeting, TNF Board must discuss the issue of taking the informal economy on board. According to Minister, Honorable Paul Mavima the more the informal economy is formalized the more its importance will be recognized. He also went on to say that the Ministry will assist with mentorship and training programs to stimulate the growth of the informal economy.


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