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People With Disability participates in ZIMRA Workshop on Taxes and Customs

Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Associations (ZCIEA) People With Disability Masvingo Territory members led by Chair Moses Chitombo held a meeting with Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) on Taxes and Duty on the 31st of May 2019 at the ZIMRA building in Masvingo.

ZIMRA was represented by Mr. Panganai Antony Taxes Officer and Saidi Robert Customs officer. Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Associations (ZCIEA) People With Disability members from Masvingo wanted to have a clear understanding of how ZIMRA works especially policies concerning people with disabilities at border posts. They also wanted to have a memorandum of understanding with ZIMRA as ZCIEA Masvingo and all over the country.

ZIMRA shared critical information to People With Disability about Taxes and Customs duty, tax obligations, commercial imports, Acts which authorize ZIMRA to collect taxes from traders and the benefits of registering a business of PWDs.
They were also informed about Customs Duty suspension on vehicles imported by people with disability and these are supposed to be people who are blind, with any physical disability that impedes his mobility permanently.

PWD can import the following vehicle without paying customs duty and surtax, only VAT is paid in RTGS dollars: Toyota wish, Honda air waive, light trucks with a payload which do not exceeds 1400kg. The requirements for duty suspension are as follows; application letter, a confirmation letter from a doctor, proof of residence, driver’s license copy of national ID and pro forma invoice clearly showing make and model of vehicle, year of manufacture, engine number and chassis number.

ZIMRA also said that for commercial imports, goods of value which exceeds RTGS $1000 are declared with the assistance of a clearing agent customs, VAT, Surtax in certain instances and presumptive tax is payable on all commercial imports. They also highlighted common custom offenses that are committed by informal traders
such as the false declaration, smuggling goods, and tax invasion. The above offenses attract severe penalties and fines to the offenders.

ZCIEA Masvingo PWD also had an opportunity to highlight the challenges they are facing especially at the border post and their working places. The challenge includes language barrier,
high fares and working space which is accessible for them to move freely so that they can be able to pay taxes.


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