ZCIEA engages Masvingo City Council Over Partnership to improve Market Stalls for the Informal Economy Workers and Traders

ZCIEA Masvingo Territory led by its leadership, Mashava Territorial President Nomore Sigauke and Secretary General Mr Malaya held a meeting with the Masvingo City Council Acting Town Clerk Mr. Mukaratirwa and Housing Director Mr. Nzvura on the possibilities of a partnership to construct modern markets for informal workers and traders in Masvingo. The meeting was held at Masvingo City Council on the 2nd of July 2020 at 1100hrs.

ZCIEA supported its membership in Gwanda through Provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs)

Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Associations upscaled its fight against COVID-19 through the provision of personal protective equipment which includes hand sanitizers, masks, latex gloves, Infra-red thermometers, and COVID-19 Awareness information posters. On 10 June 2020, the Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Associations (ZCIEA) donated personal protective equipment to its members in Gwanda Territory.

Lockdown effects hit hard on informal economy traders

Members of the informal sector whose hopes of survival are deeply stuck on their daily earnings have been severely affected by the lockdown restrictions. The uncertain nature of the lockdown has been characterized by the shocking scenes that vendors have witnessed so far. The lockdown has locked up their means of survival as 80 % of the people depend on hand to the mouth where they make a paltry 1-2USD profit a day.

Being an informal Economy Worker/Trader is still being viewed as Crime in Zimbabwe – ZCIEA Treasurer General bares it all.

Givas Maririmba is the current ZCIEA National Treasurer General and is based in Kwekwe. He became a member of the organisation during its founding year in 2002. Givas is the eldest son in his family and through the informal trading he is managing to take care of his wife, three children, his mother, his sister and some of his sisters children, “ apart from taking care of my wife and children l also take care of my sister’s children here and there if there is need”. He said he couldnot have managed to do all this without the guidance and networking from ZCIEA organisation.


We the undersigned associations, concerned about the delays in the payments of the cushioning grants that was supposed to cushion vendors and informal traders; We call upon government through its relevant ministries to provide information on progress made so far. We also call on government through its relevant ministries to immediately release the cushioning fund as the situation is dire for many vendors and informal traders. We also call on government to state the proposed figures that will be disbursed.