The Kalanga Festival in Plumtree

The workshop had an overwhelming attendance

The Kalanga Festival in Plumtree


Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Associations (ZCIEA) held a membership recruitment and constitutional awareness workshop at the Kalanga Festival in remote area of Tokwana Village, Lusvingwe, in Plumtree on the 6th of October 2017. This activity was necessitated by ZCIEA Plumtree Territory led by President Lydia Maphosa and Ntando Dumani Plumtree Territorial Youth Chair. The two were also part of the organising committee for the festival. ZCIEA territorial leadership spoke on how one can become a member, benefits of being a ZCIEA member and basic knowledge sharing on Rights and Constitution of Zimbabwe. The workshop had an overwhelming attendance where instead of targeted 50 participants,265 participants filled the tent. 53% of the workshop participants were women, 27%men and 20%youth. The appreciation of ZCIEA, its mission,vision and objectives by participants was quite positive such that instantly 178 participants confirmed their intention to be members of ZCIEA with some contributing their recruitment subscriptions that day. The message of ZCIEA’s existence spread like a virus such that uncountable consultations from some people who didnt have the opportunity to attend the workshop were realised. On the 7th of October 2017 ZCIEA National President Lorraine Sibanda was accorded an opportunity to speak at the Kalanga Festival Platform. After her solidarity message, Community and Village Leaders were keen to connect their members involved in informal trade with ZCIEA.


  1. Participation of ZCIEA at the Festival opened an opportunity to Plumtree Territory to set up a Tokwana Chapter in Lusvingwe.
  2. A prediction of more than 500 new members will be easily recruited in the area given the level of response by the community.
  3. ZCIEA needs to extend more organising, educative, training and empowerment programmes and activities to deep Peri-Urban and Rural areas in Zimbabwe where dynamic, creative and unique sustainable activities are taking place in the informal economy which includes but not limiting to goat rearing, African art crafts etc.

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