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Women in Leadership are still aggrieved by Political space oppression

Trisher Mpatsi

Melody Chigarande former ZCIEA Kwekwe Territorial president who participated in ZCIEA Women Can Do It Training programs aimed at capacitating women in the political leadership space. Women Can Do It programs were conducted by ZCIEA in 2018 before the harmonized election in Zimbabwe. In the 2018 National Harmonised elections, Melody was elected as Councilor in Ward 5 Mbizo in Kwekwe.

Melody Chingarande was then elected as Deputy Mayor for the City of Kwekwe on the 3rd of August 2021 after the death of Deputy Mayor Shadreck Tobaiwa. She was the first ever-youthful female Deputy Mayor in the Midlands. According to Melody Chigarande was happy to deputize another energetic, vibrant and principled female Angeline Kasipo, and believed they would make a great team together with another female acting Clerk. Suddenly Melody received a recall letter from the Secretary-General of the Movement for Democratic Change (T) dated 4 August 2021 which saw her expulsion as the Councilor/Deputy Mayor of Kwekwe.

As Melody was once a member of ZCIEA we had appreciated her achievements in the political space. The recall of Melody by the Political Party is a serious confirmation of the still ongoing Political space oppression. This continues to reduce to pin down on the efforts to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 5 which speaks on achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls.

Melody said she will continue to represent the Kwekwe ward 5 residents and do her work diligently.


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