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Workers’ Day 2020 Statement- ZCIEA National President Lorraine Sibanda

StreetNet INternational and ZCIEA National President Lorraine Sibanda statement:

As we commemorate Worker’ Day today, many workers are dispirited by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns necessary to combat the spread of the pandemic.

For informal economy workers life has taken a giant nosedive due to constraints to ply their usual work and inadequate resources to access daily basic needs. In Zimbabwe, there has been a wave of demolitions targeting informal workers and traders “workplaces”. This further adds to the trauma, uncertainty and trepidation brought by covid-19.

The volume of the call for local authorities to stop demolitions continues to rise. Local authorities have to desist from applying policies and decisions aimed at “beautifying” their areas of jurisdiction while overlooking the desperate need for informal economy workers to eke a living from the public space, which is their workplace

“Stop COVID-19 Pandemic. Scale up social protection and dialogue. Transform Informal Economy activities to promote decent work, save jobs and alleviate poverty”

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