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Young people in the informal economy embrace technology through ICT training by ZCIEA

by Fungai Munetsi

Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Associations (ZCIEA) has been conducting ICT empowerment training where 750 informal economy workers and traders benefited in 2018 alone.  Young People in the informal economy were the majority of beneficiaries of the ZCIEA ICT training. This initiative by ZCIEA also supports the National Development Strategy 1 which recognizes ICTs as key enablers of economic development. In 2020, the International Federation of Workers Educational Associations (IFWEA) through its Online Labour Academy (OLA) platform hosted an online course ‘How to Design Online Course’ for its affiliates in which ZCIEA benefited. Among the ZCIEA members who took up the online course on “How to design an online course”, 4 ZCIEA vibrant members completed their course. One of the beneficiaries Dennis Maluwa who is also ZCIEA Chipinge Territorial President and still a Youth is now an educator of these online courses and has managed to get several youths to embrace technology hence contributing to the NDS1 target of increasing internet penetration by 75.4% by 2025 as well as empowering youths to contribute to the flourishing of the country.

Born and raised in Mutare Dennis Maluwa later moved to Chipinge seeking greener pastures. Having worked for a macadamia factory until it closed and he was automatically forced to be in the informal economy since there were no jobs. It was then that he knew the late Chipinge territorial President Elizabeth Mhlanga who then introduced him to ZCIEA in 2014. Dennis became a fully subscribed member and was appointed Territorial Youth Chair in 2015. He served as the youth Chair until the passing on of Elizabeth Mhlanga in April 2019. That is when he stepped up and rose to be an acting Territorial president voted by more than 95% of his territory to be the elected president of Chipinge Territory.

As a member of ZCIEA, Dennis has benefited so much in his life as an informal economy worker. ZCIEA has practically empowered him through the right awareness training, ICT, bookkeeping, negotiating skills, to mention but a few. ZCIEA has gone beyond education and has to a greater extent become a source of inspiration. Working with technology on a day-to-day hustle, ZCIEA noticed his ability to expand and it provided an opportunity to learn develop and inspire others.

With all the education and training he received from ZCIEA, Mr. Maluwa highlighted that the part of Embracing Technology has been the most fascinating, and developing to him. He has since designed the course ” Embracing Technology”, a basic course on how to professionally use social media. This course will be mainstreamed within ZCIEA platforms and beyond to benefit informal workers and traders as we march into the mainstream economy and new normal of work.

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