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ZCIEA conducts A Life Beyond COVID-19 training session for its members in Makado Territory

Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Associations (ZCIEA) in partnership with French Embassy Zimbabwe  conducted a Life Beyond COVID-19 training session to its members in Makado Territory on the 15th of September 2021. The objective of this awareness raising was to equip informal economy trading and working members with innovative entrepreneurship and working methods that sustain their living beyond the effects of COVID-19.

A total of 48 informal workers and traders (35 Women, 13 men) were empowered with new strategies to live life beyond COVID-19 and its effects. Makado Village head, Councillor and 2 members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police also participated in this awareness raising in Makado Territory.
Informal economy workers and traders in Makado raised the following issues during the training:
– Members are afraid of customers who refuse to wear masks,
– Members not accessing digital platforms due to not having smart phones
– Need for T.shirts, hats and other regalia to wear when recruiting and educating members.
– arrests and confiscation of goods by Zimbabwe Republic Police
– Border Closure has affected their businesses.
– hospital for vaccination is too far.

Key recommendation that came out of this training were as follows:
– encouraging members and clients to wear masks.
– Need for a project that support members to access smart phones at flexible levels. This will be an added advantage to their children as well.
– Members encouraged to keep building a relationship with local authorities.
– Request the Government or local authorities to set up vaccination centre at Makado.
– Councillor for Makado committed to provide ZCIEA with land for the construction of modern eco -friendly market for the informal economy traders
Informal workers and traders in Makado were urged to operate at designated places to avoid conflict with local authorities and ZRP. The cost of formalisation in Zimbabwe is very high and the process is complicated as it takes long to be complete. Informal economy workers and traders plead with the government to simplify registration process, making it affordable.

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