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ZCIEA Conducts a Life Beyond COVID-19 Training Session to its members in Sanyati

by Fungai Munetsi

Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Associations (ZCIEA) in partnership French Embassy Zimbabwe hosted a Life Beyond COVID-19 effects training in Sanyati on the 7th of October 2021. A total of 49 (35 Females, 14 males) Informal workers and traders were equipped with new strategies for survival beyond COVID-19 and its effects. Informal Economy workers and traders in Sanyati raised the following challenges brought by COVID-19: 

  • loss of opportunity to work
  • loss of income, quality of life changed drastically
  • disruption of education for their children
  • education became accessible to the elite, compromising the poor and vulnerable
  • school fees went beyond the reach of many
  • Hunger, confinement to homes with limited resources resulting caused conflict and GBV in homes
  • Prohibitive preventive measures curtailed freedom of movement, PWD adversely affected 
  • Harassment and violence prevented informal workers and traders from earning incomes
  • Sexual abuse of girl child, pregnancies, and early marriages
  • Severe water shortages, dam not functional
  • Sanyati was once declared as COVID-19 Hotspot; a lot of people fell ill with COVID-19
  • Isolation was stressful; no food, no visitors, discrimination by some members of the society, and on the other hand Hospital staff had no PPEs
  • Deaths; breadwinners died and resulted in the number of children headed families
  • Some elderly persons now have no one to assist or take care of them
  • No psychosocial support for the bereaved 
  • Markets have no water 
  • Barbers/ shop owners have to pay 23 000 RTGs per quarter including for the lockdown months
  • Government farm security confiscates cattle/livestock which wanders into the farm and people are forced to pay US$10 per head to Sanyati Rural District Council.

Informal workers and traders came up with the following recommendation: 

  • Toilets that are accessible to People With Disabilities at Markets and Public spaces
  • Avail PPEs in public spaces
  • Need for universal healthcare, medication should be readily and freely available
  • Water service delivery needs to be improved 
  • Universal access to education
  • ZCIEA should provide negotiations skills training to informal workers and traders in Sanyati 
  • Need for representation in negotiating for subsidized levies under local authorities

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