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ZCIEA engagement with NSSA on the provision of social protection cover for its members starts to pay dividends.

by Fungai Munetsi

ZCIEA held a social security engagement meeting with the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) on the 23rd of September 2020 at ZCIEA Chivhu Territorial Office. They had a meeting on Occupational Safety and Healthy on Informal workers in Chivhu CBD’s main market (Bhuhera market). NSSA was represented by Regional Manager M. Kaseke, by Mr. Nyabadza, Mrs. Dhombo. ZCIEA was represented by Chivhu Territorial President Tatenda Mangwiro and Organizer Mr. Mukarati.  

A tour was done by ZCIEA and NSSA representatives at Chivhu CBD Main Market (Bhuhera Market) on the 1st of October 2020. Informal workers consultations were also conducted during the tour where a big number of Informal workers and traders were consulted in groups following the WHO / Ministry of Health guidelines on COVID-19. Some of the concerns which were raised by our member (Informal economy traders) are as follows: fencing the market, constant supply of water, Drainages, Pavement, Toilets, shades, sanitizers and masks, waste bins, Covid-19 Awareness training.

Informal economy traders requested local authorities to put the floor, fencing the market right round with 4 gates, and improve ventilation at the market. The traders also requested the provision of ablution facilities. Informal economy workers and traders highlighted the issue of social protection to cover them through social security schemes provided by NSSA.

ZCIEA Chivhu Territorial leadership emphasized the importance of workers’ Rights in Occupational places i.e the right to a safe working environment free from violence and harassment, provision of safe drinking water, etc.

This engagement initiative is an outcome of ZCIEA’s advocacy efforts for the government to provide social protection for workers in the informal economy and decriminalize their work which is a true transformation agenda.

ZCIEA appreciates the effort of the International Labour Organisation in supporting the government of Zimbabwe to provide social safety nets for workers in the Informal Economy as they are a key stakeholder in economic development in Zimbabwe. This is part of the true transformation of Informal Economy activities into mainstream activities both socially and economically



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