ZCIEA Intensifies Lobbying and Advocacy

ZCIEA Intensifies Lobbying and Advocacy

The harassments of vendors on the streets started long way back and the situation now has become serious. ZCIEA wrote letters and proposals to Minister of State in the Office of the President and Cabinet, Minister of Local Government and Public Works and National Housing, Minister of Health, Minister of Home Affairs, Harare City Council Acting Town Clerk, requesting for an urgent meeting to discuss possible interventions which can be a win-win situation in terms of addressing challenges of vending in the streets without victimizing or harassing these traders.

ZCIEA is persuading the Government not to harass innocent traders and leaving them hopeless and baseless but should work together with organizations and other stakeholders in coming up with solutions towards restoring order and rebuilding the city.

There must be harmonized and all stakeholders action plan implementation for a healthy restoration of order in the CBD. ZCIEA is will to play a role in addressing the situation in a harmonized way.


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