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ZCIEA Represents Informal Economy at the Women in Mining Workshop

by Constance Chitombo

ZCIEA National Women’s Chairperson Mrs. Mandishona represented ZCIEA at Women in mining workshop organized by Women and Law in Southern Africa (WLSA) on n the 19th of June 2019. The subject of the workshop was putting women at the centre of extractivism moving with the theme for 2019 international women’s day “#balance for better”.

Several topics were discussed such as: moving towards a gender-sensitive mining industry through the encouragement of female participation in mining projects in Zimbabwe; Analyzing the legal, institutional and policy constraints affecting the participation of men and women in the local context; Gold beneficiation, value edition for women in mining and development outcomes in the mining sector in Zimbabwe and the experience of women in artisanal gold mining.

ZCIEA noted the issues affecting women in the informal economy especially in the mining sector for example women are not included in mining ministries and decision making bodies, difficult for women to get a proper license due to high registration fees and abused sexually.
They resolved that there is a need for inclusion of women in decision-making bodies, educating women in the mining sector about rights and gender equality.


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