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ZCIEA Represents Informal Economy Workers at the FES High level Panel Meeting on Social Protection in Arusha, Tanzania

by Fungai Munetsi

Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Associations (ZCIEA) Secretary General Wisborn Malaya attended Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) High Level Panel Meeting on Social Protection: Sustainable Social Protection Financing in Africa in Arusha, Tanzania from the 14th of May to 17th of May 2019 as one of the discussants on Social Protection and Informal Economy in Africa.

It was an experts’ platform on Rights Based Social Protection convened by FES Zambia, East and Central Africa on Social Security Association. The strategic objective was to push African countries to prioritize social protection to non covered groups in their countries.

ZCIEA Secretary General shared on the social protection challenges in Africa for the informal economy and the efforts ZCIEA is putting in order to influence the change. This is in collaboration with other organisations of Informal Economy in Africa and the opportunities of being an affiliate of Streetnet International.

Mr. Malaya during the discussion focused on maternity for women, pensions, medical aid, education, female and child headed households, and the criminalization of informal work. He also presented ZCIEA’s efforts to put input into international instruments so that there is open space for their domestication. Already input has been put on SADC Protocol Article 5 and Draft African Union Social Protection Policy Review- document attached.




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