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ZCIEA Rusape Women Resilience Program yields success

by Joy Chipoyi

Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Associations embarked on a resilience-building program to assist women members who were affected by COVID-19 lockdown effects in 2020.

This program has so far benefitted 360 women members in 12 Territories across the country.

The Rusape Women Committee received US$500,00 from the Women Resilience Program as start-up support. These women kicked off with a chicken broiler project which allowed them to build another pull of funds (US$ 1100,00) to sustain their individual projects.

This thirteen women-membered group meets weekly on Mondays. Upon meeting, every member is given or lent a certain amount of money and on the next meeting, she is supposed to return it for accounting.

The team has spun their profits into Mukando. Mukando, a Shona word that means to pool/throw-in, is an Internal Savings and Lending (ISAL) initiative when individuals, typically women, come together as a group and pool an agreed amount of money regularly. It is commonly known as Round.

A total of 13 members’ lives have recovered as result. They are now targeting to expand and to assist other members too.

Supporting women in the informal economy alleviate poverty for many families because in Zimbabwe many families are women-headed including taking children to school.

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