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ZCIEA Set up a New Territory in ZAKA

by Joy Chipoyi

On the 29th of September 2021,  ZCIEA Masvingo Territorial President (also ZCIEA National PWD Chair) Tavengwa Mazhambe officiated the genesis of Zaka territory.  Accompanying him was the Vice Secretary, Davidzo Muhwandavaka and the Women’s Committee Chairperson Nelia Gomo.

Masvingo President with the help of his two committee members present gave an induction to the sixty-five women, fifteen men, ten youths and twenty PWDs members gathered. This entailed the history, vision, mission, and objectives. organization.

The Zaka informal workers and traders aired out the challenges they are facing in their operations. The problems included shortage of decent working space, police harassment and non-pro-poor policy regime and outdated by laws. Mr. Mazhambe advised that these challenges can be conquered by lobby and advocacy, training and financial literacy as the territory grows.

The major outcome was the formation of the territorial structure. This included selecting the Main Committee, Women’s Committee and PWD Committee. As ZCIEA we believe collective voice we play a crucial role in transforming the lives of informal workers and traders

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