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ZCIEA Sets up a new Territory in Zhombe

by Constance Chitombo

On the 21st of June 2019 Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Associations “ZCIEA” sets up a new territory in Zhombe. Zhombe is a rural communal area between Gokwe and Kwekwe District, Midlands province in Zimbabwe. The program was conducted by ZCIEA 2nd Vice National President Stella Chivandikwa, Treasurer General Givas Maririmba with the assistance of the information officer Fungai Munetsi.

The informal economy traders in Zhombe Territory consists of vendors selling agricultural produce, second hand and new clothes, and a few traders selling  imported products like cooking oil, detergents etc. The informal economy has become highly invaded by multi skilled players who are even shifting their carrier skills to anyhow trading as a way to at least earn a living. Survival strategy based work is the torch for the hopeless and down trodden men and women.

A total of 57 informal traders (members) voted for Zhombe Territorial leadership which is made up of territorial main committee, youth committee, women’s committee and People with Disability (PWD) committee. The main committee is comprised of Territorial President, Vice President, Secretary Vice Secretary, Treasurer, Organizer, Vice Organizer, and three committee members. The Youth committee consist of Youth Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Vice Secretary, Organiser, Vice Organiser, Treasurer, and three committee members.

A total of 41 informal economy traders joined the organization, women and youth were the majority. Zhombe territory will be one of the vibrant territory in the organization because of youth dominance in the territory.

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