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ZCIEA Sets up a Territory in Gokwe North

by Constance Chitombo

On the 5th of June 2019 Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Associations “ZCIEA” sets up a new territory in Gokwe North.

The program was conducted by the Treasurer General Givas Maririmba and  Gokwe Territorial President Melody Ndawana. A total of 50 informal economy traders joined the organization, some traders commended ZCIEA for representing the needs of the poor and they felt honored to be members of a progressive organization which has informal traders at heart.

During the program elections were done and came up with the territorial main committee, youth committee, women’s committee and People with Disability (PWD) committee. The main structure is comprised of Territorial President, Vice President, Secretary Vice Secretary, Treasurer, Organizer, Vice Organizer, and three committee members.

The newly elected leadership were encouraged to work with other members in promoting workers’ rights in the informal economy, ensuring the improvement of their working conditions and enabling them to play a decisive role in the economic and social development process of our country Zimbabwe. ZCIEA Treasurer General Givas Maririmba emphasized the importance of effective information dissemination to promote transparency in the territory.

ZCIEA aims to capacitate all its structures in a manner that enables them to engage authorities at all levels and demand accountability. The newly elected Gokwe North Territorial leaders were encouraged to engage and negotiate with local authorities on issues to do with (1) decent working spaces for informal economy traders, (2) demanding an end to violence and harassment of informal economy traders, (3) ending corruption by Municipal officers and ZRP, reasonable levies which are affordable to informal traders, and (4) the provision of services like water and regular waste collection by Local authorities.  The leaders were also encouraged to have Memorandum of Understanding with local authorities in order to have mutual relationships and the ease of doing business, identification and setting up of proper infrastructure for decent work space for informal economy traders.

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